Find the businesses, travel agencies and tour guides that interest you, to see what they offer and what deals they have posted.


This community is made up of travelers and businesses in the tourist sector. Join and share your experiences with the rest of us.

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Set up your profile, add the places you have been and write down the information you like.

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Contribute to the site and build up points.

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Communicate with your friends and businesses in the tourism sector to better plan your trip.

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Get informed as to what is going on in your home region.

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The businesses offering you relevant products or services can advertise as well as post offers.

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In almost all of the left menu's blocks you will find links to the different kinds of information you are looking for.

1. How do I find information to a geographic region?

In the option "Geographic Region" of the left menu, there appear the links to the different areas. If you select one, a map will appear with its sub-sections. Navigate this option to view basic details and information for the region, the reviews and contributions of travelers who have provided info on the region.

2. Which are the main options for an entry?

Depending on the kind of entry, there are different options but in almost all of them, these are similar. The main options are:

PointSave: To be able to keep it in a list of saved entries and consult these whenever you like.

PointAdd to trip/outing: For planning your trips.

PointSend: For sending a message to the people you choose.

PointEdit: To correct the information in the entry.

PointRemove: To delete it.

3. How to rate an entry?

It is important to rate the entries in order to be able to classify them. Your opinion is very important.
Rate the entry from 0 to 10, where 0 means you strongly disliked, and 10 means you loved it.
If you think the entry might be out of place or out of order, press the link.

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4. How to correct an entry?

In the entry there are several options for editing, updating or correcting. We focus strongly on ensuring that information is reliable, so if you notice some incorrect information please edit it or update it.

The information is not edited directly, we first revise the suggestion and update it later.

5. How to add an entry to a trip?

As we have explained, one of the main options is "add to a trip". In the options box of the entry, you have that option.

6. Comments - How to view them and how to write them?

The comments block includes a list of comments posted by travelers. Filter the comments with one of the filters that provided.

If you wish to publish a comment select the rating score and write the text.

7. How to view the location?

The location block shows the address and the maps for the location. If the place has a virtual tour option it will appear below.

8. Transport block - How to get to a place?

This block contains a map and 6 boxes with the means of transport nearest to the place. The transport list allows you to access the options for creating route and seeing how to get there and to add them to your trips.

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Community - How to share experiences?

If you have been in the place press the option "I have also been". Write your opinions and state the time you spent there, these will be added to the entry's statistics.

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10. Multimedia - How to link content to the entry?

Send multimedia content and relate it to the links appearing in this block, like this it will be easier to view all the different resources for the entries you are interested by.

11. Purchase/book a product or service related to the entry.

In many entries there appears a block showing a list of businesses where the product can be purchased or service hired, from the entry currently viewed.


Find the way to get to the places and find the routes of the different forms of transport.

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Plan your trips with your friends, down to the finest detail.

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We place particular importance on issues of accessibility.

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You can make contact with us by sending us a message.

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