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This community is made up of travelers and businesses in the tourist sector. Join and share your experiences with the rest of us.

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Set up your profile, add the places you have been and write down the information you like.

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Contribute to the site and build up points.

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Communicate with your friends and businesses in the tourism sector to better plan your trip.

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Get informed as to what is going on in your home region.

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The businesses offering you relevant products or services can advertise as well as post offers.

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The site includes much information and allows you to better plan your trip.

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Find the way to get to the places and find the routes of the different forms of transport.

1. Which forms of transport are available?

The information of the different means of transport are grouped into 3 categories:

PointBy air: Airports, airlines and route or journey search between airports.

PointBy sea: Sea-travel companies and routes offered by them.

PointOn land: Metros, busses, trains and car rental companies.

2. Air transport - How to find the way from one airport to another?

In the "by air" transport option, there is a tab with the name "Flight Routes". In this page view there are 2 boxes where you must select the departure and destination airports and then click on "search".

Help aero sel

The result will show 2 blocks, one with direct flights and another with the different combinations found.

Help aero vuelo directo

Select the company and you will be able to access it or add the journey to your trip.

Help vuelos combinaciones

Filter airports and countries you do not wish to pass through as well as airlines you wish to avoid in order to filter results and see the combinations available.

Help combinaciones vuelos todo

3. Car rental - How to find businesses and offices?

The information relating to car rental companies is split into two sections:

PointCompanies: A listing of all the companies added. When a company has been selected, a list of its offices appears.

PointOffices: List of all car rental offices.

4. Boats, metros, busses and trains. What information appears?

The relevant information for these means of transport is split into three sections:br/>

PointMeans of transport: List of all the transport means. By selecting one, a list of lines and stops appears.

PointLines: List of all the lines added. When one is selected, a list of its stops will appear.

PointStops: List of all the stops or stations.

5. Boats, metros, busses and trains. How to create a route?

Select the stop where you wish start the journey and press "Create journey from here". Next a map of the transport means will appear and a list of the lines and stops that "connect" with the chosen stop.

Help transporte selecciona

Map of the different stations to select.

Help selecciona parada

List of the lines and stops available for selecting from the last selected stop.

Help selecciona parada lineas

When you have created the journey route you can save it in your trip.

Help transporte salvar

6. Boats, metros, busses and trains. How to add a line?

To add a new line you must click on "Add a line", located in the information block for the relevant means of transport.

Help add line

Boats, metros, busses and trains. How to add or edit the stops on a line?

Click on the line you wish to edit and press "Add or edit stops".

PointAdd stops by pressing the + icon.

PointChange the direction in which the line moves by pressing the arrows joining the two stops.

PointChange the position of the stops by pressing on the arrows by the edges of the stops

PointRemove a stop by pressing on the link found on the stop.

Help add parada

When you are finished setting up the line, press "Changes finished"


Plan your trips with your friends, down to the finest detail.

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We place particular importance on issues of accessibility.

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You can make contact with us by sending us a message.

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