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Communicate with your friends and businesses in the tourism sector to better plan your trip.

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The businesses offering you relevant products or services can advertise as well as post offers.

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The site includes much information and allows you to better plan your trip.

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Find the way to get to the places and find the routes of the different forms of transport.

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Plan your trips with your friends, down to the finest detail.

1. Trips - How to add a trip?

Click on the option "My trips" and press on "Add new trip" in the options box. Once the form has been filled out, the trip-planning options will appear.

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2. Trips and outings - What differences are there?

Trips and outings or excursions differ only in their duration. An outing has a duration of a day, while a trip is at least two days in length.

3. Status of the trip - What statuses can a trip have?

Trips and outings may be in one of the 3 statuses stated below:

PointIn planning: A trip which has not yet been taken.

PointTraveling/Concluded: The trip is currently in progress or recently finished, to be completed with the visits and journeys taken during the trip.

PointComplete: Trip has been taken and its information fully completed. The rest of users will be able to view it in the trips section. The kilometers will be added for all participants of the trip.

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To change the status, use the option "Change status". This can also be done by pressing the top buttons.

4. Participants on the trip - Who can add things to the trip?

For them to be able to view the trip and add visits and journeys to the itinerary you must add them to the trip. In the Travelers option you have a link "Add a traveler".

5. Itinerary - How to plan the itinerary?

In the itinerary option you have the necessary options for planning the trip day by day.

PointAdd a coordinates location: Add a specific point to the itinerary.

PointAdd a visit to the itinerary: Add a visit previously added to your trip.

PointAdd a journey to the itinerary: Add a journey previously added to your trip.

Set the schedules, the journeys and the nights to better plan each day.

6. Visits - How to add visits to the trip?

Each entry has an option "Add to trip" in its options box.

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You can also add them in the options available on the trip.

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7. Journeys - How to add journeys to the trip?

In the help section for transport, it is explained, how to create journey routes and add them to your trips.

Other transport movements - How to set transport between visits?

Transports or transfers between 2 steps on an itinerary day can be set by selecting the drop-down between both steps. In the tab "Other transport transfers" you can establish also the price for each transport or transfer.

9. Nights - How to establish where we stay and who stays there?

Nights mean accommodations or night journeys. Each day begins with the accommodation of the previous night and each day ends with the accommodation or night journey concluding that day.

If participants on the trip stay in different places, it must be established which will be the meeting point. The meeting point is the place where the next day will begin.

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Add to each night its accommodation and set which participants are staying as well as the prices involved, in order to have a budget that is as realistic as possible.

There is also the possibility of adding a night, by selecting the accommodation in the option "Accommodation".

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10. Maps - How to know where I can see the map with the elements added to the trip?

To view the trip's map you can click on the Itinerary/Map option or on Map directly. The map helps you to visually plan each day.

11. How to change a day in the overall order?

If you wish to change the order of days, use the arrows or drag each day to its desired box. The specified steps within days are also moved.

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12. Budget - How to calculate the cost of the trip

Each visit or journey has the option of stating the price per participant. Click on the option [ Cost ] in the daily itinerary step and add the visit or journey of the participant. If you fill out all the steps you will be able to see how much the trip will cost altogether.

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13. PDF - How to generate the planning information to have it in PDF form and be able to print out, and take it on the trip?

Once you have completed the entire itinerary you can generate the information in pdf format and then print it or take it on a mobile device or tablet.

Press the "Generate PDF" button when there are updates

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14. How to finish completing a trip to share it with the rest of the traveling community?

When you have taken the trip, switch the status to Traveling/Concluded. Complete it with the real steps taken each day and finally change the status to "Complete", as instructed by point 3.

At that moment your trip will be visible by the rest of people, who will then be able to plan a trip like the one you have taken.

15. I have seen a trip that I like - Can I make a copy, to use it as the basis for my new trip?

Yes, the mission statement of this community is to share experiences, and all completed trips by other travelers can therefore be copied for subsequent customization.

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