Enter your businesses in order to post offers and information, and in order to allow for communication with travelers and customers.


This community is made up of travelers and businesses in the tourist sector. Join and share your experiences with the rest of us.

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My information

Set up your profile, add the places you have been and write down the information you like.

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My points

Contribute to the site and build up points.

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My contacts

Communicate with your friends and businesses in the tourism sector to better plan your trip.

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My origin

Get informed as to what is going on in your home region.

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If you have a business relating to the tourism sector or believe it fits into one of the site's sections, add it and start advertising.

How do I add a business?

In this view you have a link "Add business" in the options box. Click on this link and complete the sign-up form.

How do I add a place of business, branch and/or brand name for my business?

In each of the site's entries you have the possibility of adding it to your businesses, like that you have them grouped together and can post offers relating to all of them. When a user views your business information they can see all the different establishments, branches or brand names.

In the entry, press the option "I am the owner" and then select the business to which it belongs.

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3. How do I post an offer?

If you wish to add a global offer for your business, that includes all establishments, branches and/or brand names, press "Post offer" in the options box of this view mode.

If you wish to add a specific offer to a single establishment, branch and/or brand name, select this from the listing and then press the option "'Post offer".

4. How do I add an entry to a posted offer?

If you post an offer and wish to add other establishments, branches and/or brand names to it, press "Add to offer" in the entry.

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5. Which are the different statuses that an offer can have?

Offers can be in one of the following statuses: Active | Canceled | Expired | Sold-out.
The site's users will have at their disposal those offers currently active, in the sections where they appear.

6. Where and how does my business advertise on the site?

In the businesses section there is a list of all businesses. For each business, its details and the list of active offers appear.
In each entry, beside all of the site's options, there appear posted all of the offers posted and the links to the businesses offering it.

7. Users post comments to my businesses. How can I reply to these?

Access the business in the businesses section and in the comments section you will find a link where you can reply in all of the site's available languages.

I wish to advertise on the site.

If you wish to advertise your business with us please let us know.

I have an affiliation program. How can I acquire customers?

If you have an affiliation program please contact us and we will see how we can integrate it in the site.


The site includes much information and allows you to better plan your trip.

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Find the way to get to the places and find the routes of the different forms of transport.

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Plan your trips with your friends, down to the finest detail.

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We place particular importance on issues of accessibility.

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You can make contact with us by sending us a message.

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